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  • Snake Bite Datil Pepper Hot Sauce (5 oz)

Snake Bite Datil Pepper Hot Sauce (5 oz)

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Our #1 selling product, this Datil Pepper Hot Sauce is crafted from fresh Datil Peppers from local St. Augustine, Florida.

The kick of fresh Datil Peppers without just being overwhelmingly hot (heat level 6/10), this hot sauce imparts the true flavor of the Datil Pepper and is a super versatile product to use on all types of dishes.

Want some quick and easy recipes?

  • Mix (as much as you dare) some Snake Bite Datil Pepper Sauce with some mayonnaise and get a great seafood dip.
  • Combine with some fresh seafood or chicken wings and you've got a tangy, spicy combination!
  • How about adding a few drops of Snake Bike into your Bloody Mary?

Heat Level 6/10

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