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The datil pepper is a 2-4 inch long, golden-colored hot pepper. In small quantities, when used in cooking, it has a sweet, almost fruity taste on the onset with a wonderful latent heat.

Hot as a habañero pepper, the datil pepper on the Scoville Scale at around 100,000 Scoville Heat Units. The chefs who know how to use this delectable item well are able to create fantastic culinary creations that much of the world has yet to experience.

Its breed is unique due to its mysterious origins. Datil pepper plants thrive in Saint Augustine, FL, but even leading botanists cannot prove from whence they came.

Leading datil pepper myths include the transport of this delicious ingredient by the Minorcan people, a group of people from an island off the coast of Spain, or they were possibly brought from South America by traders.

Wherever the datil pepper originated, it has found a home in Saint Augustine with Old St. Augustine Gourmet Foods.


Datil Pepper Sauces in Old St. Augustine, FL 

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