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kiwi fruit salsa with kiwi slices

I'm on a quest to see how many ways I can use Delectable Datil Salsa Seasoning. Typically when you think of salsa, what comes to mind? Tomatoes, right? Well, put your imagination in hyperdrive, because I'm going to show you how to make this awesome kiwi salsa that's a little

bowl of watermelon salsa with slice of watermelon

A salsa recipe with watermelon? Yes! Nothing says summertime like ripe, juicy watermelon. Looking for a new appetizer to serve your family and guests? Try my refreshing watermelon salsa. It's made with OSA Gourmet's Award-Winning Delectable Datil Salsa Seasoning Blend and takes just minutes to make. Traditional salsa recipes call for

Delectable Datil Salsa Shrimp in a bowl

Today is officially International Hot and Spicy Food Day.  Interestingly enough, it's also Appreciate a Dragon Day.  Who thinks these things up? Dragons.  Hot and spicy foods.   Okay, I get the connection, but seriously?  Dragons?  How about some Hot & Spicy Shrimp instead?  Delectable Datil Salsa Shrimp is on the

Bacon Wrapper Datil Cowboy Coffee Rub Crusted Jalapeno Poppers with Cowboy Coffee Rub Dip

Love Jalapeno Poppers?  Looking for a new twist on a classic appetizer?  Brand New Datil Cowboy Coffee Rub is going to take your jalapenos and all your grilling to another level.  Made with 100% Colombian coffee, onion, garlic, Worcestershire powder, raw sugar, smoked paprika and of course, Datil Peppers, it gives

delectable datil salsa surrounded by fresh ingredients

Brand New Delectable Datil Salsa Seasoning just won 1st Place at the prestigious Scovie Awards in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  It's a perfect blend of dehydrated vegetables, datil pepper and spices that will rock the world of salsa making.  Just mix  2 tablespoons of Delectable Datil Salsa Seasoning and one 14.5

Never heard of a datil pepper? Well you are not alone. I grew up in Florida, but did not know about the datil myself until I was grown and started vacationing at St Augustine’s beautiful beach every summer. St Augustine, the nation’s oldest city is home to this unique species

Spicy Crab Dip made with Award Winning OSA Gourmet Datil Zest, Snake Bite Datil Pepper Hot Sauce and Fountain of Youth Datil Marinade is a Fresh From Florida treat that’s an easy yet elegant appetizer, perfect for any gathering.  It pairs just as well with champagne as it does with an ice cold beer

OSA Gourmet Snake Bite Datil Pepper Hot Sauce and Spicy OSA Gourmet Datil Zest with Fresh From Florida Orange, lemon, lime and pure ground datil pepper powder, are the perfect compliments to the last of the summer’s bounty  coming off the vines.  I love refreshing cold soups when it’s hot outside, and this


Greetings from Historic St Augustine Florida. My name is Angela and I’m the Datil Pepper Lady. My mission is to educate America about the Datil Pepper. I make Datil Pepper products and use them to cook up some amazing meals. Join me on this culinary adventure. Stay Spicy!


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